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Appliance question of the month.

Mister Service repairs a lot of appliances in the area and regularly our customers ask us questions about there appliances. We thought we would share some of the top questions we get asked and give our recommendations to help you keep you appliances in top running shape. We will try to add a new Q&A on at least a monthly basis.

Q:  What Temperature should our refrigerator and freezer be set at?

A: The optimal temperature for a residential freezer is “0” degrees and Refrig. is “38” degrees.

If you notice that you have to keep turning the controls higher and higher for your refrigerator/freezer to keep these temps then it may be time for a service call before it turns into an expensive repair.   If you don’t have a thermometer to check temps you can always use the Ice cream method.  Ice cream is the hardest thing to keep frozen solid. If your Ice Cream is soft or soupy then your freezer is not cold enough. If your milk is spoiling too soon then your refrigerator is not cold enough.  I hope these quick tips can help you determine if your Appliance is running in top shape.